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Strategic Alliance

Atria Builders maintains a close working relationship with DSM Design Group, L.L.C., an architecture firm owned by Mr. Marx. DSM has designed many of the health care facilities and hi-residential and hotel buildings in Atria’s construction pipeline. DSM’s veteran staff of architects play an important role in ensuring that facilities are constructed as planned and designed. DSM also employs a full time in-house structural engineering division to support its design efforts and is headed by Mr. Gadi Ashoori, P.E., Mr. Ashoori has more than 30 years of structural engineering experience, primarily in New York City.


In addition, based on the experience and successful track record of Atria’s staff, Atria Builders has previously maintained a Contractor Controlled Insurance Program or CCIP. This unique type of insurance is usually reserved for large-scale construction projects.


Atria is qualified for this type of insurance program based on the projected volume of work to be performed as well the proven staff of construction professionals. The primary benefit of operating a construction program is cost control. Atria is afforded “buying power” in regards to subcontractors. Since Atria covers all on-site insurance requirements, subcontractors pass on their insurance savings to Atria through fine-tuned bid prices. These cost savings are then realized in the budget to the benefit of the Owner.

It is important to note that traditional insurance coverage is also used depending on the type and conditions of each Project.

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