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Courtyard by Marriott Hotel

Atria is currently constructing this new 29-story, 399-room hotel 216,000 square foot hotel located in the Hudson Yards area of Manhattan in close proximity to the Jacob Javits Center at 34th Street and 10th Avenue.

Marriott conducted its full and thorough review of the plans and issued design approval to proceed with their Courtyard branding. (It is important to note that the design of this particular Courtyard Hotel exceeded the design expectations of their typical prototype requirements considering the Hotel’s unique location.)

The design calls for two (2) below grade levels slated to house mechanical space, meeting rooms and other various amenities. The concrete superstructure will be enclosed by window wall and varying panel systems. The guestrooms and housekeeping will be serviced by six (6) elevators. Part of the funding for this project is being provided by the U.S. Government’s Eb-5 program utilizing the Mr. Marx owned and operated Manhattan Regional Center. Temporary Occupancy is anticipated to occur September 2018.

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