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Aura Condominiums

This 23,000 overall square foot 8-story, 28-unit condominium structure is cast in place concrete with an exterior façade that is comprised of pre-cast stone panels and stucco finish. Each unit has its own outdoor balcony. The roofing system is a 3-ply built-up system. The first floor houses the recreational space as well as a backyard for the tenants to use. Mechanical and electrical systems are state of the art and in compliance with the J-2 residence zoning requirements. Each unit includes modern kitchen appliances as well as a laundry machine. Common areas have ceramic tile and carpeted flooring, with decorated wall coverings and light fixtures, the bathrooms and kitchen are tiled, the rest of the living space has hard wood flooring. The project was financed by the NYC Community Preservation Corporation (NYCCPC). All units were sold by October 2010.

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